Three winter boquets

More winter wedding ideas!  For a pretty, modern look, black and white in winter can be gorgeous and unique.  I love flowers, but the one place you won’t be saving money if you do have a winter wedding is on the florals.  Perhaps this explains why most off-wedding season celebrations I see are in California, where the sun always shines, it’s always warm, and everything is always in season.  Remind me why I live in New England instead of California again, please?  

White Mason Jar boquet

A beautiful solution to the winter wedding flower dilemma is using preserved botanicals, like these arrangements of cotton bolls on the stem, dried blackberries, Texas tallow berries, and anything else your heart desires.  These will also last forever, so consider giving them away at the end of the night.  These aren’t fake or silk flowers – with apologies to my Italian grandma who is a big aficionado of the silk flower look because you don’t have to water them, and they come in “better” colors than actual flowers – please steer away from silk flowers!  Not a good look.

Knit single boquet

In a later post, I’ll show you the how-to on the knit Mason jars, but here you can also see some ceramic mason jars I picked up locally at Paper Source.  Consider using thrift store vases in glass and white.  Places like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods also sell vases in all shapes and sizes for  reasonable price points.

This look is very flexible.  Add some flea market antlers like I did here, and you have a more Scandinavian look.

Place setting

How to:

  • Not to sound flippant, but I pretty much just removed any leaves or broken pieces on the cotton, and then just arranged until I liked what I saw.  I don’t have much (ahem, any) experience doing arrangements, and I think these look pretty good, so I bet all of you out there can do even better!


Items I used in my arrangements:

Suggested additional winter botanicals:

Birch tubes

  • Juniper – to add some woodsiness, but note that these branches are fairly small.  If you have access to some fresh pine, cutting those a few days before to add to your arrangements would be less expensive and smell great.


Below, I use one of the escort card feathers from an earlier post.  It alllllll comes together!

Feather setting